Singles Match Play Championship

Join our season-long double elimination Net Match Play (singles) tournament. Players are paired off in matches, and those who lose move to a consolation bracket, where they have an opportunity to continue playing and potentially win the tournament. The tournament progresses until one player emerges as the winner, having not lost two matches.

Date: 2024 Golf season
Format of Play:
Match Play
Players engage in direct head-to-head matches determined by a random draw for seeding.

Match Deadlines:
  • Round 1 match must be played by May 15
  • Round 2 match must be played by June 15
  • Round 3 match must be played by July 15
  • Round 4 match must be played by August 15
  • Quarterfinals: September 9
  • Semifinals: September 30
  • Finals: October 15
Handicap: Requires an up-to-date USGA Handicap Index.
Players use 100% of their home course handicap.
The low handicapped player in the match goes to Zero, and the opponent plays off the difference in handicap.
Eligibility: Exclusive to Thunder Hills Golf Members
Open to men aged 18 and above
Prizes: Top places receive Golf Shop credit
Registration: Call the Golf Shop at 563.556.3256
Entry deadline: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 5:00 PM
CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund if the tournament is canceled due to weather or other events
Non-refundable entry fee for no-shows
Past Winners: